Here are some links to others I have come to value in my Mocha Mondo Coffee business.


In business, as in all aspects of life, it is always helpful to get good advice and guidance. One of the main factors is to work on your attitude to your business, and to develop your dreams into reality by harnessing the power of coaching. It is money well spent as it clarifies your direction, and gives you the confidence to acheive your goals. I would recommend you visit this site and arrange a no obligation chat. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Also from the same stable, you might like to investigate a series of self help cd's, superbly crafted, highly effective, and available here!

My story about the tea is that a few years ago, on holiday in Inverness, I had a cup of tea in  a cafe called Fiddlers in Drumnadrochit on the banks of Loch Ness. It was the best cup of tea I have ever had and I remember saying at the time that if ever I had a tea shop this is the tea I would serve! Two years later, having developed Mocha Mondo I struggled to remember what they were called! Finally, I tracked them down to a company called Mighty Leaf Tea and gave them a ring. The rest is history as they say.You can visit their website here

If you are ever in Birtley, there is a new coffee shop opening by the library at the Imperial Business Centre- it's good to see new businesses start up in this day and age- please give them your support!

Looking for a present for a 4 to 11 year old? How about a new book from acclaimed author Mya Roberts? This is her new book, it's on Amazon, but if you use this link she will send you a specially signed copy! Click Here