Presenting a Superb Range of Teas from Mighty Leaf




Black Teas - (caffeine)

Organic Breakfast

A robust, wide awake blend of organic black tea leaves. Our take on the classic English Breakfast blend is serene contemplation from dawn to dusk.

Organic Earl Grey

Perfection of a classic - gold tips of rich organic black tea leaves blended with a twist of deep first press Bergamot oil.

Earl Grey decaffeinated also available.

Orange Dulce

Like a lusciously rich dessert, Orange Dulce is a brew teeming with notes of orange, vanilla and jasmine blossoms.

Green Teas - (light caffeine)

Green Tea Tropical

Smooth green tea leaves are harmoniously blended together with sweet tropical fruits to create a tasteful and healthy infusion.

Organic Green Dragon

Delicately pan-fired, these smooth highest-grade China Longjing green tea leaves brew a nutty and buttery cup.

Herbal Infusions - (caffeine - free)

Organic African Nectar

Organic African rooibos (red bush) leaves teeming with tropical fruits and blossoms in this antioxidant rich infusion.

Chamomile Citrus

A tea to curl up with and savour by the sip. Soothing Egyptian chamomile flowers with subtle slices of citrus.

Organic Mint Melange

Renew and refresh with the finest mint leaves from the lush mountains of Morocco. A well rounded infusion with sweet lingering notes.

Chocolate Mint Truffle

An intoxicating and decadent fusion of cacao nibs, mint and antioxidant-rich rooibos leaves. A dessert in itself!