The classic: a short shot made with freshly ground roasted coffee beans.


Espresso topped up with hot water. Black or with room for milk.


Espresso mixed with steamed milk topped with small amount of rich foam. Add gingerbread, hazelnut, vanilla or cinnamon!


Espresso, steamed milk and a thick layer of foam with a dusting of chocolate.


Original recipe of an espresso shot blended with chocolate topped off with frothy steamed milk.

Caramel Mocha

Espresso blended with caramel topped off with frothy steamed milk.

White Mocha

Espresso blended with white chocolate topped off with frothy steamed milk. Try adding a shot of coconut for an exotic indulgence.

Hot Chocolate

A creamy blend of chocolate and steamed frothy milk.

White Hot Chocolate

As above but with the flavour of white chocolate.

All made using ethically sourced coffee beans, organic milk and reverse osmosis filtered water