Using ethically sourced coffee beans, reverse osmosis filtered water, and only organic milk and organic sugars, Mocha Mondo produces coffee excellence. Mocha Mondo cups are from sustainable sources and are biodegradeable too!



Welcome to Mocha Mondo! 

Based in Northumberland, Mocha Mondo provides a mobile coffee service using top of the range equipment and the finest ingredients to produce the best freshly ground coffee and quality teas you can buy!


Mocha Mondo evolved in 2010 as a mobile coffee business providing high quality beverages in convenient locations.

Mocha Mondo offers an 'al fresco' alternative to the often expensive and inconvenient branded coffee houses.


"My aim is to offer the highest standards of polite service coupled with excellent coffee and tea to ensure my customers receive the best experience, everytime."

Martin Homer



To achieve this the coffee beans have been personally selected for their provenance, quality, and fairness to the producers. Part of the cost goes towards putting money back in to the local area of production.

Customers have been so impressed by the taste and consistent quality of my Colombian Blend that I am now pleased to offer my own Mocha Mondo brand retail packs of beans in a handy 250g. size packet.


The water I use is five stage filtered, and uses reverse osmosis as part of the process to ensure the purest quality goes in to the cup. 


I only use organic milk in Mocha Mondo coffees and teas, all of the complementary sugars are organic too! 


Items such as cups and stirrers are from sustainable sources, and are biodegradeable.

Mocha Mondo policy is to choose environmentally friendly products in every aspect of the business where they are available.

The menu consists of classic beverages such as a Latte, Cappuccino or Americano but there are other flavours and speciality drinks available which include Mocha Mondo Steamers, The Coconut White Chocolate Mocha and Hot Chocolate with coffee and vanilla flavoured Marshmallows! Combinations of drinks, syrups, and 'extras' can be used to create a special drink just for you!

There is also a selection of rather special teas available.

Mocha Mondo strives to consistently produce top quality coffee and tea, giving the customer excellent value for money.