Using ethically sourced coffee beans, reverse osmosis filtered water, and only organic milk and organic sugars, Mocha Mondo produces coffee excellence. Mocha Mondo cups are from sustainable sources and are biodegradeable too!



Welcome to Mocha Mondo! 

Based in Northumberland, Mocha Mondo provides a coffee service with hot food at Alnmouth Railway Station from 06.00 Monday to Saturday

Local Honey, freshly made sandwiches, and delicious flapjacks, brownies, cakes etc (all baked in house) make it a firm favourite for travelers.

Mocha Mondo roastery in Northumberland also supplies superb freshly roasted coffee beans both for the retail outlet at Alnmouth and its customers.

Mocha Mondo locally roasted beans can also be found in various cafes and shops in Northumberland.


Mocha Mondo evolved in 2010 as a mobile coffee business providing high quality beverages in convenient locations.

Mocha Mondo soon became based at Alnmouth station from November 2010 and was present at local charity events, and the Alnwick triathlon event

Mocha Mondo became a permanent fixture at Alnmouth in 2013 by opening the familiar coffee trailer

Mocha Mondo established a roastery and started roasting organic coffee beans in 2013


"My aim is to offer the highest standards of polite service coupled with excellent coffee and tea to ensure my customers receive the best experience, everytime."

Martin Homer